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I see the Glory Hole of God like the depths of Gods Glory in HIM. OH! My people this hole I have in the depths of my glory for you, sets right in front on the right side of my
shoulders(that's what you'll see as I (GOD) show you.

I cry out/call out from the depths of my heart for you. I want you to go in and taste more further to, taste the deeper things in ME(GOD). This hole of glory that I(GOD) have in ME(GOD) is very powerful and it will enlighten you, carry you beyond your natural eyes that you can see the light of Gods glory so bright in it, that as your walking in it you will see ME(GOD) walking towards you reaching out to
take you by the hand and
talk with you and show
you some of the deeper things of the Kingdom of God.

OH! you don't have to be afraid because what some of the things I will show you as I AM(GOD) holding
your hand, will cause you
to smile and it will be a lot of fun and I will show you
my garden of flowers of
all colors so that you can
taste and smell the

fragrances and enjoy the
things that I (GOD) will be showing you and sharing
with you.

You will see children playing
in MY(GOD) garden,..you will
see ,...ABRAHAM



SAUL (PAUL)..Acts 9-12

They are speaking and talking among each other. Father Abraham's hair is beautiful and long with looks of wisdom from the glory of his hair,....you will know that it's him who is speaking when he is talking.

I see Joseph waving saying HI!...with his hand motioning as to say...It is good to see you.

OH! My children, I have so
much to show you, share with you and you would enjoy it too.

Whenever your ready, GO! ahead, take that leap of
faith and walk over to 
ME(GOD) and I will take you by the hand and take you to that place called,
"There"....in the Glory Hole

God bless you my people, God Bless You.....and I saw the Lord turn and walk away until I could see 
HIM(GOD) no more as
HE(GOD) vanished and was gone....BUT! HIS(GOD) PEACE WAS STILL THERE!

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