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Come ye, that are weary, I heard the Lord God say, that I shall give you rest. Rest upon me for my yoke is easy to bare and the burden I give you is light.

                         Come Ye! OH! Come Ye!

Seek me out while I may be found...Isaiah 55:6. I heard the Lord say call ye upon Him while he is near. Rest in me those of you who are weary also those who are weary in well doing. Call upon me, call upon me and I will surely give you rest.

Things will begin to move in it's ample time, meaning enough or more than enough time. For I AM TIME, I AM TIME. I can see that the Lord wanting His people to rest in Him, finding a good place to rest, meaning staying easy with Me, leaning on ME, Trusting in ME and even working with Me. Letting me take charge of things because I see what's coming before you do. I know what's ahead. I can see the Lord will put a stop to things so that it will come to an complete stop, so that when He's says that it's like I can see that things won't run and hit you ahead of schedule because the Lord had it stopped for a time/ or second/or minutes. It was good that He did this.

I can just see the Lord directing the traffic of things to go and move or stop at a second or minute, so that things can happen that needs to, so you will not be hit with or anything unnecessary. Trust Me God knows what He is doing. Everything is going according to His plan. He is the Author and Finisher of your plans. I heard the Lord God say, let Him direct your traffic
(things, hindrances), that may hold you up or held you back. Trust Him, give it to Him, He's directing the traffic.

I heard God's Healing Balm, it's like a paste as I am seeing this in the spirit, like spreading over knees, hearts(physical and Spiritually) legs, joints, even places that needs to be made smooth like a path(street) that was once rocky, God made it smooth, spiritual walk whatever ti was that caused your life to be rocky, God made it smooth with His Balm, His Hand, He wave His Hand over it.

            I see Cancer's wipe out...smooth with His Hand

I see Baby milk, something going to be done about baby milk, to make it smooth, more better for babies to drink, better for their system. I can just see this baby drinking the milk.

Just get down right comfortable with ME I heard the Lord God say, meaning walking right beside Him step by step, even if you have to lean on Him while walking,...HE GOT YOU!!!

I can also see that the Lord is going to step some of you up speedily, meaning walking with you faster to a place you need to be at, right on time because it's like some of you needed that necessary help. God carrying you as you lean or walk in Him to that place you needed to get to like/rush to. Amen! I heard the Lord say Amen!. He heard your prayer request and He came speedily to help you.

I heard Compound Victories, a mixture of victories all well put together. Mixed up... meaning things that were mixed up, God made them out of Victories. I see purple all in this. Purple meaning Authority/Royalty of God all in these victories. Enjoy your Compound Victories.

God Bless You.

Minister/Prophetess Wendy Williams 

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