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Gabriel, I see Gabriel on a horse with sword fighting 
and fighting, and fighting for you people of God. Fighting
for your health problems,
fighting down the enemies
of your life, too stay down
and keep them from coming 
to invade your territories
and taking over your life's
and to get you, and from
trying to take you out for 

  I  have the swords, I heard

the Lord say, I have the swords of Victory! and I can beat down any and every enemy that may come your way, I can beat them down.

I AM the protector, and I AM the ground keeper that guards your gates. No one
can sneak in around ME
because I AM watching them
with all eyes, I AM watching
them. I even see them when
they are sitting in their watching TV looking and enjoying their movies, like boxing matches
(Of how to strategize) or

even thinking of how they are going to make their next move on
you. Just different kinds of strategies they want too,..thinking about
trying to use against you,....I see them, I see them....AND....you know, I heard the Lord say, I got that too, I got that too.

You know the next move, they make will be their last move for
some of them, because of so much hatred in their hearts. Angry at
life, angry at problems, angry at just being angry with you because
you are at least trying or doing somethings to make some changes
in your life better. Because you see, you are on the move to do and
to make things better in your life to progress and to be process
for ME your Lord God and they hate that (put your name here)...they
hate that. They hate the fact that you love ME, they hate the fact
that you haven't given up on ME, despite what maybe going on.
Anyway they hate that, they really, really, hate that.

But nevertheless their eyes, they took off ME because they chose,  ...made the decision to turn their backs on ME and not look at ME,
or for ME to help them. They made that decision, they made it and
because of that, they shall not see what I see for their lives
because of their lost of vision, lost of their hope and lost of their love for ME, and that is only because of their decision they made, only because of the decision they made.

Victory is always in view
I heard the Lord say, but
if you walk away from it,
loose sight of it and never
strive to have it, then you
will lose it and lose sight of
everything in the long run,
lose sight of everything. 

I heard the Lord say as well,
that their is hope for the
hopeless and hope for the
fatherless. I haven't forgotten
them either, I haven't
forgotten them. I will continue to let MY love reign down on them
and shower them with gifts from love, especially made by ME their
Lord God, their Lord God. I love you my people and I love them too,.
I love them too. I love everyone, it's just that when you turn your
backs from ME, then choose to not get help from ME or rely on ME,
that's when you begin to slip away from ME, that's when you begin
to slip away.

OH! how your Lord God prays for you, OH! how I pray for
each and every day of the
months, weeks, and yes even
years, OH! how I pray for you
my people,OH! how I pray
for you. I intercede for you
through the Father. I ask HIM
to bless you, keep you, protect you, motivate you
because their are some of
you/quiet few of you who
need the motivation,who
really need the motivation.

Motivation I heard the Lord say is like an exercise. It is something
that you work on everyday to keep you moving, striving to do
things right and it keeps you moving wholly in MY sight. It keeps
you moving wholly in MY sight. Motivation is not and agitator , it
is a magitator(if you will) and in this case it magnetize so that you
can continue to move forward in your life. Being motivated can get
a lot of things in your life accomplished.....know this I heard the 
Lord say know this.

Well I heard the Lord say this letter that I AM writing you
is to motivate you, move you, grove you and prune you, to
keep on moving, growing,
prospering and loving in ME.

I want you to keep doing it
with the right prospective
of staying focus and keeping
your thoughts straight and
moving forward in ME in tack.

Amen! and Amen!
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