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I see this book and it's open wide and it's length is long. It is a white
book, I see the Father God looking into this book. It had names in it, peoples names listed in this book. It seem to be letter's starting with
A's and it was like all of the things God planned for them  to happen in
their lives,....and I sawthe letter B as well and than C, D, E, F, G, H, I,
J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

                                      Everything  listed and planned out for the Father
God to happen and take place in your life.

  Blessing were listed and, I saw things like chocolate cake slices, brownies, white cool whip, sprinkle's  and red cherries. (Use symbolically as blessings from heaven.

I also saw the enemy was wanting to taste and get of these sweet things.
Like he was putting his hand together to try to devour these things up
so that you wouldn't get them and have them for yourselves.

I can also see that the enemy as God is showing me, that he sneaks 
around corner's

looking to see who's house, apartment, or condo, or car

that God has already blessed you with( meaning that the Lord blessed  you with the car and it's parked out at your front door
and the enemy plains to come over to make trouble in some
way  form or fashion to steal it,

cause a manand woman to argue with wife, or a woman about where she
is going......

Because this woman is going somewhere to get help,
or just talk to a relative to get  peace of mind about somethings. Someone spiritual minded, focus on God's word that she can talk to.

  Though the enemy is raging       God 's people, The Lord Thy
God, The Father God, The Kings
of Kings and the Lord of Lords, are...and in or about to get
ready to release somethings. A
lot of different things in your
life. God is going to do it, surely
I heard and definitely                           

going to release somethings,
blessings into your lives.

He said, He promised it, He signed on it and not leased on it, BUT...gave
HIS EVERLASTING WORDS ON IT,...I heard HIM say, I Wrote the
Book,  and, I know what I have written in it.....and it's that  you have
life and have it more abundantly. My people to have the word of God
not only more abundantly but life, love and the pursuit of happiness,
not only from your Lord Thy God but from the blessings from the Lord
through the Kingdom of God that flows through, with many and has
many a blessings from the Lord.

I heard the Lord Thy God say as well, speak peace in your lives,
not just over it, but with your
mouth as the Lord has giving
you power to speak and call
those things as though they already were, speak peace, and speaketh it with meaning, don't
 just flare the word peace just
up in the air and just think
something good just going to rain down like rainbows, BUT..
speak, speaketh God's words with
authority, power and with meaning, knowing as you speaketh that, I heard, I hear your words and I hear it with power.....NOW SPEAK IT!

I also heard the Lord say that He does giveth thee power to get wealth,

with POWER.... to get the
wealth that He has  for you,
for me and others, and others
who want to be wealthy or
become wealthy through and
I must say through the power
of the Lord,...as I heard 
Him say, because it is HE

that giveth thee, you, me, others, or others, by way of others ....
meaning throughgenerations
from generations through
generations  to and have
become  or will become powerful
to get wealth through HIM
Christ Jesus who, name you,
planned for you,

Aimed  at you directly to get your attention to obtain, receive, whether it be through mail  box or whatever, by whatever means necessary for you
to obtain too get the wealth to you, for you, or through you. (By God using you.)

I heard Him say...Now take a breathe and rest  in that for a minute or two,
bask in itthink about it.

God had you on His mind and made the way, the provisions. The plan
written out already before hand to even take place already in your lives.

I see the steps you have taken with or without Me in some of your cases,

BUT....still I stood there, was
right there with you praying for
you, expecting with you, getting
excited for you

because I knew,... saw what was coming all along.... I had alreadyknew.

The Lord God says expect your blessings from here on out.

                        IAM ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME, ALL-WAYS,



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