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I am looking at what appears to be like a brown jar and it has a
dark brown lid and the tan color in the middle of it.

Two shades or brown over this jar.

The angles of the Lord are holding up these swords and they are criss-crossing over the jar. 
I heard FEAST!...AND...sense protection over this.

The feast has protection over it and the Captain Of The Guard has
watch , and protected over it and made sure that it has been kept and well protected for.

This feast is about to be released and releasing to some and some secret ways for their knowing who is about and being given to. The Captain Of The Guard has been instructed to do and set forth the releasing of the harvest for God's

Release, Release, Releasing says the spirit of the Lord....so that my fulfillment shall come forth like pure gold to the people of God.

Like in Canaan the releasing has troubled the waters and set my people free to live and breath in


Be not removed by what you shall see saith the Lord,...For out Egypt
even the desert lands flowed with milk and honey and brought forth the secret hidden treasures of God.

Be not...be removed by what you hear...that is contrary to what I
have told you.

Be not... be shaken of what the enemy would have you to believe... otherwise of what I have already told you among your Fore-Father's.

Abraham, Issac and Jacob trusted Me(GOD)...and loved Me(GOD) 
and respected Me(GOD)...contrary to what they were told otherwise...and so they did learn and dwell ed and partake
of Me(GOD)..and the things of God.

Have I not your Father God ever lied to you?...NO...but only have spoken the truth unto your souls and mind and spirit.

Have I not only spoken the good things of God and what I shall and Am..accomplishing in thy life...and the things to come of thee and for

Have I not your Father God have kept the promises that I have spoken unto thee in secret and dreams, and visions with visitation to some of thee.
            OH! MY! PEOPLE!

Cast not your lots or bet on ME..(GOD)...for it angers me to know that you would cast lots or place bet's on the Father God that truly cares for thee,...




ME...that I have taken all things
into consideration and that I know what is best for thee.

I your Lord God only speaks the truth and Wisdom plays a bigger part in all of this.




and that's the word of the Lord.  


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