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1. What is the difference between a prophet and a psychic?
A psychic may claim to hear spiritually and know what will happen in the future but the difference is the source of the spiritual knowledge. Most psychics have no idea who or what their source of power is. They know they possess a gift and use it but have no understanding of spiritual truth.
A prophet understands the truth about the spiritual realm. A prophet knows that there is a Spirit of God called the Holy Spirit and there are familiar spirits also known as demonic spirits. A prophet knows that only one spirit, the Holy Spirit, leads to God who is Life and all other spirits lead to death. The difference between a prophet and a psychic is that a prophet knows his source, the voice he follows, is God.
When Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge, they chose to believe the voice of the serpent rather than the voice of God. They not only suffered great consequences for their choice but also all who came after them suffered as well. The spiritual realm is not a playground or a game. Those who engage in it are entering a spiritual warfare between Life and Death.
2. Psychics charge a fee for their "readings". By asking for an "offering" for personal prophecy tapes, are you any better than psychics?
This is a question often brought up by other believers of Christ Jesus. Many say that the gospel is free and spiritual gifts should be given freely. The Lord reminded me that the gospel was not free that it cost the life of Jesus. There was a great ransom paid for our sin, our debt. Strange as it seems, people do not put value into things they receive freely. Our salvation is not free. We exchange this life on earth for life in Heaven.
3. When an order is made on line for a personal prophecy, the only information requested is the name of person, how are you able to prophesy with only a name?
A prophet is one who speaks what he hears from the Lord. He can only reveal what God reveals to him. All things are spoken in Heaven (spiritually) first before it manifests on earth (physically). So if one has an ear to hear spiritually then what is revealed is of things to come. The Lord is in control of all things and knows all things. If we have an ear to hear Him, then whatever is revealed will happen.
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