God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -

I heard the word pleasantries for you...(polite conversations, laughing with you.) God knowing what
you have need of and what He already has for you.

I heard, increase in your pay.
God has His money for you.
You have been wondering when, where, and how will you do this for me? God knows already that you have been concerned about it.
Whether or not you will get it, here or where it will be. God knows what is already on your heart....HE GOT THAT!!!

Wealth and riches are in the power of your hands. I heard the word, FLOURISHING,...just like a flower blooming, you will FLOURISH, my people of God you shall, FLOURISH.

Nether height nor depth shall keep me away from flourishing you or causing things to happen and come to pass for you. It's like I can see some of you playing musical chairs, one sits and the others stands. It's like, when will it be my time? God got your time. You will and shall have your turn, just stay faithful that He will and shall call on you. So know that your turn will come and happen for you.

I heard, VISITATION FOR YOU,...God visiting you. The Angel of the Lord is....REAL!!, VERY REAL!!. He will be talking to you. My sheep hear my voice, I know them, just like they know Me.

Some secrets He will tell you, somethings He will just show you.
I see Him dancing like, a prayer dance of rejoicing and waring for you.

God bless you, that is God word for you.


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