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                                         I am looking at this tree, it's white and the top of it is full and white and it's in the heavens. This tree has beauty of silver on it and it appears that a lot of activity is going on in it at the top of this tree.

     I can see pink glowing from this tree at the top and the pink is healing. I heard the voice of the Lord say speak healing into this tree to take back to earth for HIS people. I see green in this tree representing nourishment , money and some sort of habitation.....something to grow and make happen or cause a change to come about. It's a lot of activity as though it's preparing like it would be for Christmas.

I heard the Lord tell the angels to spread joy to HIS people, happiness and laughter, peace, giving them a peace that only the Lord God can give. I heard cheer and great joy for them as well.
The spirit of the Lord has a lot of activity going on in it. God is preparing for and going to make and cause things to happen in your life.

              I heard in the spirit as well the Beatitudes and I heard this as well....whatever is pure, right and true that Lord says think on these things and you shall have a good report. Think on these heavenly things and thoughts from the Lord that HE gives you or promise you that HE would give to you, not only on earth in this lifetime, but the life time that is soon to come.

I am hearing this song...BLESSED QUIETNESS HOLY QUIETNESS, and the words I heard God say is Oh! what Joy! that's in my soul on the stormy seas Jesus speaks to me and the billows cease to roll.

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Blessed Quietness - Henry Green,"Mr. Green's Session"
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  1. Joys are flowing like a river,Since the Comforter has come;He abides with us forever,Makes the trusting heart His home.
    • Refrain:Blessed quietness, holy quietness ,Blest assurance in my soul!On the stormy sea, *Jesus speaks to me, [*He speaks peace to me,]And the billows cease to roll.

  2. Everything is turned to gladness,All around this glorious Guest;Banished unbelief and sadness,All is perfect peace and rest.
  3. Like the rain that falls from heaven,Like the sunlight from the sky,So the Holy Spirit given,Falls upon us from on high.
  4. What a wonderful salvation,Where we always see His face!What a peaceful habitation!What a quiet resting-place!

God will be there, is there with you all. Blessed Quietness, and that is the word of the Lord and I am hearing as the spirit of the Lord is releasing me...OH WHAT JOY THAT'S IN MY SOUL, ON THE  STORMY SEAS JESUS SPEAKS TO ME AND THE BILLOWS CEASE TO ROLL.

God Bless you all.  

                                Amen, and that's the word from the Lord,



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