God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
The Fire Of God On The Twelve Disciples & Who We Are In Christ Our Lord.

As I am seeing in the spirit their came forth the Twelve Disciples with the fire of God illuminating all over them.

Marching forward they are and moving with the step of Righteousness as their guide. March, March, Marching forward I heard them say, moving forward with the power of God in our hands and in our hearts.

Faith moves us, as God guides us I heard them say and we are marching forward too for the glory of God to win each and every battle for the Kingdom Of God.

We understand and we know our God and HE listens to our heart beats and our hearts minds as we move forward in HIM.

The Art Of War, we know the craft, we grasp on and hold tight to what we know and move forward in God. We know how to win the battles that are set before us and all around us. We move as well with the power of God's faithfulness to us and we know that we will always have the upper hand in God.

We watch, We pray and we move forward in our call of God. Each one of us have our own techniques and moves of maneuvering in God that HE has gifted us with. We are a dynamite force and we will explode everything that is in our way to defeat us.

We move with the Prophetic Words Of The Lord and we know upfront what is, how it is and where it is....Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!.

We are the Metaphorical, Unequivocal, Unshakable Mighty Men And Women Of God......and we have been called to do mighty things in the Lord our God. He did not died on the cross for nothing so that we could sit back and do nothing and not move forward in HIM....Our fight with the enemy is already won and we are more then conquerors in Christ Jesus.

We must as Christian's move forward in our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ which and who has called each of us to our victory in HIM. Fight on men and women of God fight on... and let us be who God called us to be in HIM and do the Mighty Things of God that he has called us to do and see.
God Bless you men of women of God, God Bless You and that's the word of the Lord.

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