God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
God's Army Of Kingdom People Marching & Coming Out Moving Forward
I see rays of purple coming out of the Body Of Christ and they are people of Royalty,..... beautifully and wonderfully made and process by the Hand Of God. These people that I speak of are ready for battle and know what to say and do to move forward in the Lord. They march with the march of Victory written all over their faces. They know their God and they know there rights and what territories are theirs.

Lawyers,Doctors,Great Achievers In God,......People from all walks of life coming from different back grounds and yes even the one you think that wouldn't be.

They speak with great knowledge and authority and they walk in the fear and reverence of God holding up their Father God and HIS (GOD) words with much power. These people that I speak of are Movers, Shaker's,Pushers, who when they come across you or in your life some kind of way or along the way will have a great affect on you.

They will teach you, guide you , motivate and even help you move up higher and shake and change yourself esteem to become that which God has called you to be in Christ Jesus. They will speak into your ears with much authority and you will listen and learn of what you need to know to move forward and onward in the Lord, so that you can get and reach out and touch others as your being touched and learned.

I heard the Father say, do you want to know who they are? Do you really want to know who they are?

They are the People Of Promise
The people of whom and which I told over 2000 years ago ,what I promised them in the Body of Christ that I would do for them. They are the Movers and Shakers of their time. I have provided for them and made them equipped for what they are called to do and they have been well processed for this call and purpose.

They move effectively as they were taught to move and they work with unity and as individuals on occasions as they are called to do. I have trusted them and enlighten them with many and much knowledgeable ideas and some have come forth as Authors of many books, what men would call Scientific Minded.....BUT in ME(GOD) they are called...The Cataclysmic mind of God that brings about great changes,..... spiritually minded people whom I have touched their minds in the deeper things of God,.... that to some are very complex but still yet can be explain to some or few who can absorb or stomach the perfect mind of wisdom that comes from their mouths as I the Father God have taught them.

Oh! Oh! yes many will be blessed by the people of God who have come forth out of the WINDS OF CHANGE and they will learn and conquer those things that are set before them and be blessed and move forward in their call.

I the Lord God have spoken and that's the word of the Lord.
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