God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -

I see the fire of God all around the Father and I see HIS hands as it is throwing
fire balls of HIS word out straight towards the things that the enemy has put out to destroy the people of God, hopes
and dreams and to discourage them to give up and stop trying.

I heard the Father God say, your words that you speak that I told you to speak are working because the enemy wants you to think that they are not. I AM (GOD)...is a wonder working God and I (GOD)..see and hear and know ALL THINGS. I SEE AND KNOW AND HEAR ALL THINGS.

So you can count on knowing that I your Lord God knows
how to handle MY (GOD) business, I (GOD) knows how to handle MY (GOD) business.

Keeping things in check is not hard for ME (GOD) and you know nothing is to hard for me to do or say. I (GOD)..have MY(GOD)..ways of going about handling the things of God, not just for ME(GOD)...BUT!...for you too.

I have MY(GOD) ways of going about communicating things and handling to take care of things and see about things
and put things in the way that they should go, so that they will benefit you in the long run.

Believe ME(GOD)...when I (GOD)...tell you that I can handle it. So with that in mind, just remain faithful as your
Father God is faithful and Just to do the things that which
HE (GOD)..says that HE(GOD) says that HE(GOD) will do.

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