God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -

I am seeing a mirror,
a standing mirror, one in which you look at when your looking at
yourself as your dressed.

I heard the Father (God) say, as you are admiring yourself dressed and making sure that your well put together.....

and that everything is in tact...and making sure that everything is in it's rightful place,....

so as your going out, your knowing and confident in your mind and well prepared for that day. As your approaching the door getting your coat, hat, or what you need before
you go out the door and leave,

know that you're well equipped and can handle the things that shall come
your way that day. Being confident and well prepared for that which shall come or arise before you as your going through the day.


I heard the Lord say be ye also confident that the Lord is well equipped to take care of you and provide for you,.....your daily needs.


I AM... your Jehovah Jireh
my(Your)... provider and I AM more than enough for thee.

I AM...Jehovah Rapha...the one that heals thee. I know your will and by
MY (GOD....stripes, you have been set free.


I AM (GOD)...more than enough,
I AM (GOD)...more than enough for thee....and that's the word of the Lord. 

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