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I heard the spirit of the Lord say, pay attention to Me, pay attention to Me!, and let me explain somethings to you. Paying close attention to the Lord, listening up to what He has to say too you. I see upheaval around you. Things that are taken your attention away from God.

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Strong, Stand Tall and His word, and His Prophetic word too( True Prophets of God and even prophetic words that were given to you by His True Prophets.)

I am still hearing, INCREASE IN YOUR PAY RAISE, INCREASE!. Walking in the promises of God.

I heard the song by Steve Wonder, There's A Ribbon In The Sky
For Our Love. God signifying His love for you, AND YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU!.


God's Breakthroughs....God will prove His love for you, He will show up and show out for you. I see Him smiling at you, for waiting on Him. He loves that. He's smiling at you, Happy with you knowing that you have cried out to Him and He answered you.

Blessings to you....Remember when you cried, God cried with love for you because, He knew already that He would answer you.

I am hearing some of you say, Is Jesus pleased with me? Is He still pleased with me?... I see Him smile at you and look at you in love. He is still loving you as a Father would and look upon you with love and with care. 

Peace be unto you, knowing that your Lord God Careth For You.

Bless You Amen,

Prophetess Williams

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