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I am seeing in the spirit something being transfered  and something being given.

Somethings  that were useless or have no need of anymore were taken out/away, and that which as needed was given unto you to help you to apply or do it the way
God intended it to be.

Those things that were given, I heard the Lord say were miracles,

  some were harvest

                                                               and some to cause laughter  to come about in your life.

A great portion of laughter was dealt unto you to receive. Receive it I heard the Lord say and laugh your pain, your hurt, your misery, your anguish, your being down and out. Take this laughter and laugh it away again, and again, and again.

I see some of you crying

as this laughter is being given unto you
                                                                                         from the Lord because it's like a releasing of things. A lot of things that is so much needed to be released from your lives.

God wants you to laugh, to pray, to give God the glory, come what may, rain or shine, just give God the praise any-ole-way today.

Tomorrow is not promised to any of you. (Matthew 6:34....Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about it's own things. Sufficient for the day is it's own trouble.

If you have to reconcile your differences with one another, do that. If you have to forgive one another do that too, for tomorrow is not promised to any of you, tomorrow is not promised.

I heard the father God say, I give you peace of mind, take it, use it, rely on it as IAM giving it to you. I want you to have it, I want you to be pleased. I want to hear you laughing.

In the spirit, I see some of you laughing despite your pain or lost of a love one. It's like sometimes, you just don't know what to do, but it's like in the spirit, I see you crying and then I see you laughing. The pain being released in the crying, and the laughter comes picking it up( the pain) to get it all out  of you. The worrying, the hurt and just feeling like no one cares, all being released through this pain, crying unto the Lord
for your breakthrough.

I heard in the spirit......the joy of the Lord is your strength, it is your strength.  Laughing crying, getting it all out, is good for your soul. When your crying and it turns to laughter, you are releasing the...FRUITS OF YOUR BLESSINGS,  I heard the Lord say.

brings in your harvest, brings in your joy, brings in your peace, brings about changes of the mind, body and spirit and soul.

It brings about the peace, the joy of God and laughter of God that no one can explain at times because people will look at you and say why are you laughing, when you are going through  so much pain. Why are you laughing, when you know, that man or that woman have left you hanging there, just walked away from you and left you and your children, why are laughing, why  are you doing that, why?

Complex look  they have on their faces. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, or just get angry themselves.

But God knows and God always knows and has the remedies  for ALL THINGS... and I heard in the spirit the scripture...2 Corinthians 9:8..And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:

God is a suppler, a giver, a lover, and a perfect gentleman( if you will)  because we know that according to John 4:24...God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth, and he knows exactly what you need, I know what you need, I heard the spirit of the Lord say, I know exactly what you need.

I see you and at the same time, I am seeing this woman in the spirit, taking the Lord by the hand and he is walking with her, leading her down the steps of joy. For as she knows to trust God.. and here beauty, I see in her face.  God brought about that beauty, as she was wonderfully made and adorn in a beautifully white gown with  slightly colors of  purple  and  pink and her gown as she  represented in  the gown that she was wearing, God's glory, God's peace, God's love, and God's adornment for her.

I heard the Lord say to her, to you, too all who will listen to me. I give you joy, I give you peace ,...that peace of mind that surpasses all understanding, I give it to you, man of God, woman of God, children of God, old man of God who are weary, worn out complex-ed in their mind, deep in thought, about to loose their mind(As they are thinking that their is nothing else to hold on too.)

                                                            I heard the Lord say,

                                I give you peace 

                                                                      Take it

                                                                       Take it

                                                       and run away with it 

Laugh with it, embrace it, take hold of it and don't let it go. For as I see some of you in the spirit dancing with it(Peace)

And I see the color pink around you, representing peace, love and yes even the slightest bit of laughter. You are holding on to God, for HE represents,
Peace, the love, the joy of being your strength and you are going about your day,...by day, by day, by day, by day.

The joy of the Lord is your strength. Be encouraged children of God, people of God. Those who walk in fear, I heard the Lord God say Be Ye Encouraged, and that is the word from the Lord.





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