God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
I see a huge green tree, full bloom and the wind is blowing. I can hear the leaves blowing in sic-ink like they are singing in the atmosphere making that crisp clean sounds of,...whewww, whewww.  I hear and see like the tree is being told from the 
heavens to send and shake the money down from the tree like sending help to God's people and people who are in need of a right now blessing. I changed the atmosphere, I heard the Lord say, I changed the atmosphere so that your blessings will come sooner then what you think saith the Lord, so you can expect things to happen for you very quickly at times, very quickly.
I have made some arrangements for you my people so that the proper ways will be made for you out of no way's. Things are happening for you my people, things are really happening for you.
Don't look to the left or the right, but just look straight ahead of you and you will begin to see things more clearly where their was a blindness or blurriness that caused you not to see.
You will begin to see things more clearly, just keep your eyes and mind on ME your Lord God and I will explain things to you and cause your ears to open so that you
hear ME(GOD) more clearly, because
some of you have blocked the view and lost sight of ME(GOD), thinking that I have not or haven't at all been talking to you and that is not so, that is not so. I've heard you, I have heard you the whole time and I have listen to you and I AM(GOD) still listening to you. I your Lord God, Am not deaf to you or anything else for that matter, nor anything else. I see , I know all things and nothing, I mean nothing can get by ME(GOD) without ME  (GOD) knowing about it, nothing at all.
Well my people I have spoken and you can know that I AM (GOD) working out things on your behalf.
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