God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
I see you driving down the highway in your car, going about your way to wherever it is
that your going to. I heard Lord say, work, shopping, going to the mall, hanging out, or just going to an convenient store. Someone maybe going to see his ex-wife and kids or just
stopping by to see someone that you haven't visited in quite sometime,...but whatever the case maybe, I heard the Lord say for you to stop on by to also see(seek) for ME too.
Seek for ME while I yet maybe found...(Seek the LORD while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near....Isaiah 55:6
Listen out for ME as I answer you in a still yet small firm voice. Hear ME when I cry out to you in worship( meaning as your reading Gods words. Look, listen to what IAM, your Lord God is saying to you.
Repent some of you, if you have too,....come unto ME even if your not sure of what to do
or what to live for.....Comeeeeeee.......Untoooooooooooooo. MEEEEEEEE, Comeeeeeeeeeee.
I love each and every one of you, and those of you who don't know ME in the pardon of your sins, which means that you never, ever, ever, nor thought about ever confessing your sins or ever even given any thought to ME. If you are reading these words, these prophetic words, I ask you to come too....Comeeeeeeeee.
Come unto ME your Lord God and I will surely give you rest. I will, I will surely give you
that rest. That rest that you need. So much is needed,...I your Lord God will surely give
you that rest.
Well people of God, go in peace. Be at peace in ME your Lord God, for I will surely give
thee the/that rest, that is so much needed.
Your rest, Gods rest is inside of you, meaning I want to arrest you in MY Peace and MY
Love, Let ME, Rest and Arrest you.
Now Go In Peace,
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