God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -

I see waves coming upon a peaceful area of land,such a nice place 
it is. As I look, I sense in my spirit that something unexpected is
going to happen, like somethings that are going to take place that will cause a great movement of God's blessings for HIS (GOD) people. So much so that it will cause so much of an excitement that 
I see parties of praises going on,

people are like they are at a carnival but enjoying all the gifts and
surprises of God that the Lord has for them. I keep hearing in the
spirit....Expect The Unexpected, Expect The Unexpected and watch
out because a storm of healing's  and God's blessings are coming through.

As I go further in the spirit I see Hell...and the people there are crying, hollowing, screaming and fear,fire flames of Hell's dooms of sorrows going on. I see people faces, some wondering how did I get here. Confused saying what did I do wrong, but no answer, cause the truth was all around and expose. Some were reaching up wanting help as they saw others that were going directed to
heaven's way to glory, but on help came to them who was in Hell,
for it was over for them and their time of eternal damnation was
their home forever and ever and ever.

OH! MY GOD...what a day of rejoicing it will be on that day
when the saints of God will go
and be with the Lord. On that
glorious day. What! a day of 
rejoicing it will be, when we
all see Jesus, we will sing and
shout the victory.  Ah! Amen, Ah! Amen and Amen...and
that is the word from the Lord.

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