God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
Mess, piled's of durt, tractors moving trash and depree. Things just being piled up and put into stacks. I can see the Lord watching, looking and saying,...Everything is going to be alright, my brother,...everything is going to be alright my sister. 
I see the angels of the Lord ministering to the homeless,..putting HIS hands on their shoulders as to touch them for them to know that HE is The Lord Thy God.  
I heard HIM(God) tell them one by one, whereever they maybe, I heard HIM tell them, I KNOW YOU, I KNEW YOU, before you were even born, I KNEW YOU. 
I clothed you and feed you when some of your mothers or parents left you. I KNEW YOU, YES!, I KNEW YOU, I KNEW YOU, even way back then or when, ........I KNEWWWWWWW, YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
I heard the Lord say blessed are the peace makers for they shall obtain mercy and the pure and heart shall, they shall see God, The Lord Thy God, they shall see ME.
                    And that is the word of the Lord, They Shall, They Shall, They Shall, They Shall, They Shall SEE The Lord THY GOD, THEY SHALL.
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