God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
I saw a sword in the spirit for you and I saw the Lord put it down there for you to pick it up and for you to use.

               Meditating on God's truths, HIS words for you. 

I see the Lord also healing you, because I can see this Angel in pinkwho appears to be a female, dancing in the spirit for you with Joy.


I see the Lord giving you wisdom, putting thoughts in your head, talking, telling you that everything is going to work  out for your good too.
I see the Lord speaking peace to you, assuring you that things will work out for you and that HE is glad that HE has you, IAM glad that I have you on my side and that IAM with you, IAM with you and not being against you.

I see the Lord standing beside you, putting HIS hand on your shoulders to let you know that HE is standing there right by you. HE isstanding there right by you.

If God before you who can be against you, If God before you who can be against you.

God bless you and that's the word from the Lord for you and as I was going out of the spirit the Lord said that someone is going to get a new vehicle. I heard....Mercedes Benz. Fresh off the lot too, fresh off the lot too. Peace and God speed. Amen say-eth the spirit of the Lord Amen.


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