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As I was praying today I heard the Lord say, that I am going to uncover somethings and breakdown somethings, and reveal somethings. Never Underestimate the power of God, NEVER!!!.

I see sheets being pulled back and legs being revealed, this has to do with secrets...secrets of hurts...I heard Uncovering The Sheets.

Those who rest and rule and abide in Me, continue to abide in Me, Continue to rest in me and to come to Me. I see the Lord taking care of you and even putting more confidence inside you. I see you asking the Father, Lord! what about this? or what about that? and I see and hear the Lord say to you, that shall be taken care of, just stay in your lane.

I also see the Lord correcting you on somethings just to keep in line with His order. It is the way that He does things that He sees and know what is coming down the line more then you do, He knows what is best for you. If anything is out of order God will put things in order for you...BUT!!! His way.

I am hearing the word, COMPLETE!..The Lord is completing somethings for you in secret too. I also heard the word, ORDER!!!... Order is being put in place for you and also a sound of ORDER!!! with pressure to it. I can see the Lord eyes look at this ORDER! as it goes to do and go about what the Lord is sending it to do. His eyes are flaired with fire as a ray and He means ORDER!!!

Somethings will be set on fire(stirring things up) out of love to get things in order, meaning God setting things straight. God's love will cover a lot of things that need to be set in order, these things shall and will come to past for you. I see a lot of things benefiting you on your behalf. God is going to make these things that you need come true to manifest right in your face and I just see the Lord handing it to you, straight from Him, I heard Him say handle it with care, take it by faith...whether it be a promotion or just taking you to another level in Him( whatever the blessings that He has for you,...be straight and be forward and be careful with yourself(keeping yourself in line with Him always, making sure you keep your eyes on Him.) As you are walking with Him He sees every step that you take, just keep your eyes on Him. Job 31: 4 Does He not see my ways And number all my steps? As the word of God says in Romans 10:17...So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.


Prophetess Wendy Williams

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