God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
I heard and saw The Lord is sweeter then a honey comb.

As the honey was dripping
from the honeycomb, I
in-vision The Father God
finger dipped in the honey
and than HE(GOD) looked
up and said with a smile and HIS(GOD) head tilted back and said...I AM (GOD)..so much sweeter then this.

If my people OH! how, If they really knew, OH! that I AM (GOD)...so, so much sweeter than this.

Then I heard The Father God say, that I will touch

them(my people) with a touch from above that they have never ever been touched like before. This special touch will heal their Land,, heal their hearts and cause them to make a new plans that will lead them right to a heavenly pool of Love in ME(GOD) they have never ever tasted before, even in or before the beginning of time.

This Love that I speak of is
unquenchable, it flows as deep and as wider as the deep blue sea, and it is UNSTOPPABLE, and so many ways, and it has even stood the test of time. Limitlessness it is in a lot, a lot of ways saith the Lord God and you won't want to ever let it go.

OH! Taste and see that the Lord is good and that HIS(GOD) mercy does endure forever and ever, and ever and a day.

A day has dawn my friends and a new era has taken place and changed somethings in the spirit of my world. A day, A day, A day and a time of a new era has come and changing somethings. A lot of things are coming and have come to take it's place and it's rightful place.


God Bless You.

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