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Jesse Duplantis | 2015 IS YOUR YEAR | JANUARY 01, 2015
Jesse Duplantis | 2015 IS YOUR YEAR | JANUARY 01, 2015Jesse Duplantis | The Choice to Prosper | Jesse Duplantis2015 Full Sermons | Jesse Duplantis2015 Full Sermons Jesse Duplantis , Jesse Duplant...

Astronomical waves of grain is what I heard the Lord say, meaning God providing ways out of no ways for you, also moving waves(things along) for you. Pushing things away from you too that would try to slow you down or cause hindrances.

I see and know  that God is making waves for you, meaning progress for you. Miracles are in these waves, progress are in these waves, answered prayers are in these waves,God shield of faith are in these wavesmeaning God's grace making ways and moving things for you.

I see the Lord looking at the things that He has planned for you. He knows your turns out, meaning how it's going to turn out for your good. I see Him laughing as He is seeing the expressions on your faces when the enemy thought he had you, God laughed because it turned out the other way for you.

I heard Him Laughing, Ha! Ha!, Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!, Ha! Ha!.......Laughing a way and I mean really enjoying the laughter, because the devil, your enemy thought he had you.

God never fails in getting back what the enemy thought that he could get away with.

I tell you people of God, I see and hear Him laughing. God got this for you. Just continue to cast your cares on Him. He will and has already set it up to turn out things for your good.

                     May God bless you and keep you.

GOD'S GOT IT!.......REST IN HIM!!...He has your favor,...put it, your trust in Him and give Him your hand of faith, because I see Him take it(your hand of trust, faith in Him) and I heard Him say....TRUST ME! I GOT THIS!.

I can see also that the Lord wants you to enjoy yourself. Take out sometime and have some fun in God, Laughing, just enjoying yourself in Him. Laugh with the Lord, HA! HA! HA!...HE

God bless you....Trust in the Lord God. He still got miracles and He can surely part the Red Sea's in your life, meaning things that need too happen and come about for you to get God's Victory!!

Peace! TRUST!!! HIM!!!

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