God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
I can see preacher's approaching the flames of fire to hear what thus saith the Lord has to say, concerning things of what to do or how to help or be of some help to the people that are hurting, that they seem to can't get through to them, because of weariness and so much pain.

Being hurt by others or some family members that they seem to can't talk to or communicate with for one reason or another. I heard the voice of the Lord say from the flames of fire, take courage my
men of God, take courage.

Be ye not weary in well doing because in due season thy help will come to them. Many weep through the night but joy does come in the morning. As I (GOD) speak to you through
the flames of fire ,....the fire of God,.... I speak clearly and I speak loudly through the thunders of my voice that roars through the earth like the rushing mighty winds of God. I speak and I speak with clarity.

I can hear the voices of the people as they cry out to ME(GOD) for help and answer's that I thy Lord God can only give. I know their needs and I know of the promises I made to help them. I know, I know, I know of all these things, I your Lord God knows.

I see even the little children as they cry out to ME(GOD) in prayer down on their knees asking ME(GOD), so innocently with such pure hearts.

And as I heard the Lord say this, I also heard....and they are 4 and 3 years old crying out to me for their generations to do
thy(GOD) will of the Father God. I hear them say.....Father I stretch my hands to thee, know other help I know, and their parents don't even know that they pray to me like that, because they are sleeping and resting in their own beds while their children are up praying for ME(GOD) and to ME(GOD) with such a hunger for God.

OH! how I love these little ones, OH! how I love them with having no respect- a- person. Anyone, I mean anyone can come and approach ME(GOD)...the throne of God. I have know respect-a -person, not know respect-a-person.

Come! To ME(GOD)...my children, I(GOD) want you
to come, I(GOD) welcome your thoughts, views, testimonies and of things yet to come, I(GOD) welcome them.

As you speak and say what you have to say too ME(GOD), after that STOP...LOOK AND LISTEN...to what I(GOD) have to say to you. Take a moment of your time and listen to I(GOD) your Lord God has to say to you, because then after that you will walk away with a better understanding and some clarity about somethings and why things have to be sometimes and at times. A better understanding you will have.

I see some of you after God says what HE(GOD) has to say to you, that you walk away with a smile on your face, like a look of expression and thought on your mind,....saying
OK....OK,....Now I understand and knowing as you spent that time with the Lord and then walk to go away, you thought and said,....GOD did know what was best, HE(GOD) did know...WOW! that's what you said,...WOW!

So people when I(GOD) speak to you, I speak from the heart of God and I do care, truly care for you!

God Bless You, God's people, God Bless You and be content in my word...and that's the word of the Lord.

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