God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
John 14:27...Let not your heart be troubled, neither let ti be afraid.

                               I am hearing pleasantries for you, meaning pleasant things for you. Higher callings for you in your life, fighting a good fight of faith , God has anointed and appointed you. I also heard much spiritual  warfare for you.

Know I heard the Lord God say, that the Lord has an answer for youI heard the Lord say that you will be at the right place and according to HIS right timing for you, that the spirit of the Lord will bless you. Know that God has found much favor in you.

I am hearing up hill journeys for you too, meaning moving upward. Climbing up ladders in the spirit to get instructions from the Lord. God just leading you and guiding you and helping you.

Wealth and increase for you. spiritual  increase  as well. Just knowing more things in God, that HE  and only HE will share with you.

Know that HIS ways are not your ways, but that God knows, HIS ways and that you, some of you will know even more of HIS ways. God knows how to fix things up and get you to the place that HE wants for you to be. I heard this too that HE will get you to the place that HE wants for you to be.....RIGHT! ON! TIME!


I heard this as well,....whatever you want, God's got it, whatever you need, HE will supply it for you. The scripture that I heard for you is.... 2 Corinthians 4: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. Then I heard the Lord say, many, many, many, strongholds. God weapon's are pulling down, many and powerful strongholds.

Your faith the Lord says, can move mountains that the enemy thinks he has strongholds over. I see and here....FAITH  chasing the enemy around telling the enemy,....MOVE!, ,MOVE! MOVE!...GET OUT OF MY WAY.

I here some of you getting raises on your jobs. Past due bills will be payed too. Just keep moving in faith. I heard the Lord God say, just keep right on moving in faith. Keep on moving, moving, moving in faith.

Praise the Lord!....Praise ye the Lord!

I heard the Lord say that their is no failure in God. NO! failure in God. Keep fasting,  keep praying, I heard the Lord God say , just keep right on doing that. For your work and your faith and your calling out to the Lord, shall NOT! BE IN VAIN.

God bless you people of God, children of God, God bless you. Amen!  Then I heard this song....click below.

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The O'Neal Twins with choir and congregation - It's a highway to heaven
Choir singing in church with The O'Neal Twins leading


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