God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -

  The Lord is changing somethings in the atmosphere for  you
people of God.I see HIS glory in this. HIS glory is perfect, and HE is in all HIS splendor and glory as I see this atmosphere changing.                                     

I could see the Lord face and the stars are around HIM.

God is looking at this planet earth and I heard HIM say, making changes, making changes for the people of God, I will make changes for them and for you to as well.

God's eyes sparkled and HE smiled because HE knows what HE has created.I heard, I will give them, new hearts to hear ME from, It will be like a ringing down in your heart that rings deep and you will know that you heard from the Lord. You will know it.

God will take care of HIS people. HE will, HE will take care of you. God see's you and cares for you people of God, God cares for you, HE definitely does care.

I see HIS eyes looking upon you, what your doing, saying, how you response to things, how you act towards things and how you act and response to things that you hear someone say or do too and towards you. HE cares because I see HIM smile at you, watching you, Oh, Oh, Oh!, HE does care, HE cares for you.

I also hear the Lord say multiplication. A multiplication of things for you. God is going to add unto you, multiply you and I heard, If something is taken away, the Lord will give it back unto you,(meaning that HE will make a new thing, give you something new.) I also heard double - portion , double - portion for the things that were taking from you from your past. Things that you were suppose to have had back then/when, but they were taken away from you. I heard the Lord say double - portion and that HE will give it back to you in a new way, and that HE will also do a new thing, and a new thing in you. I will do a new thing in you.

A double - portion, I heard HIM say comes with a lot of things, a lot of extreme things that are given out from the Lord that HE will give too you for you to receive from HIM. I heard the Lord say that HE is going to do the Extreme Thing.

Progress will be made, things will be accomplished and completed.....and if someone or something gets or tries to get out of line, God will either replace it or just make something new.

New can be given and new things can be replaced or taken away...but with God all things are possible....and God can or will replace or take anything away to be given to another. God never does anything halfway, but always bring things unto full fruition. always. The Lord God giveth and the Lord God taketh away.....but I will and always will replace things if I have to or need to, or even on a need to know bases. So know this for your information, I heard the Lord  God say, Know this on a need to know bases.


God Bless You People Of God, I heard the Lord God say,

                                 Remain faithful, Remain faithful, even unto Jesus when Jesus comes back for you, HIS people, remain faithful until the end, remain faithful.

                                                God Bless You.

                     We Serve An Extraordinary God!






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