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I am seeing a tree, a Christmas tree  full blown and green. I heard the words OH! Christmas tree, OH! Christmas tree your full and green with
many branches.

Green and full of life like it had grown to it's full potential of what it's meaning and stand for at this time to be used. I heard ...this tree has grown to it's full potential to be used. I see and heard the Lord say people are using or will be using this tree for this and this and that and  children will be sitting around their tree  for presents, gifts of

beauty looking at the boxes, bow's, wandering what's in them or I can
hear them say in their minds thinking, I wonder what's in there, what
gift, what surprise I wonder, whatmommy, or Santa Claus brought for me.

People celebrate Christmas for many different reasons and for many different seasons andlots of different  kinds of gifts  they bring.


                                       I am the reason for the season

Look at ME... GODyour Lord God as IAM standing there. It was as though the Lord was their in place of the tree(not saying that you shouldn't have a tree up.)...But that the Lord is showing me as HIMSELF being the life giver, standing their reaching out HIS hand towards you in HIS GLORY and SPLENDOR . HIS presence being their, HIS eyes look right at you seeing you for who you are. Wanting to be that life source for you.

                       The one that gives gifts and not take them away.


                                 The one who see's you in HIS light

of what you really are and what HE wants to be in your life. To raise
you up, bring you gifts of life and light of the true cross and life HE brings.  So many wonderful things that God has plan or in store for you.

I heard HIM say the life giver of source. The power of what HE brings to give and show you, who HE really is. I heard take upon me your burdens and I will bring you life. I will show you what life, MY life, your life really is about and is to come. I come to give you life, not take it away, but give it to you that more abundantly.

                                       A giver of light and life.


Some of you are very discouraged around this season and time...and some of you who are not, but lack an understanding of ME. Come! I heard the voice of the Lord say. Come!....as HE is motioning HIS hand for you to come walk forward towards HIM. Sit down or stand, let's talk,

                                      Let ME talk to you, about you
and about somethings that I want to share with you and talk with you about. Come!
let us reason together, Come!. MY yoke is easy and my burdens are light, Come!...Come!   

God wants and invite you to have this wonderful relationship  with HIM, that many of you want to have or want to have more of HIM. HE invites you to come!. Get to know more of HIM, about HIM. What meaning or 
why HE wants to be in your life. HE so desires to want to be apart of your life and in your life for better. Not to make things worst but for your better.

I heard God is good all the time and all the time God is good. You may 
not like what I (GOD) say all the time or at times, but I will listen, Oh!
I will listen to what you have to say, I will listen.

Come to ME as a brother, or as a mother would come to her son or father
to daughter, or whatever way you choose to come and talk to ME, Come!

You can come freely and I will receive you, listen to you, talk to you. For
those who want to hear or listen to ME, too what I have to say to you.
Come as a child would come. Run unto your father God for comfort, help, knowing that IAM, that IAM is their for you. Come!
just Come!


I see this man, he is drunkard with wine, dirty coat on, hair long and stringy. Drinking and talking to the Lord, saying....Where are you God?.
Where you at?. Where are you God?...Where are you?

    I heard the voice of the Lord say to this man,...I.....IAM  here. The man paused, stop drinking his liquor amazed at what he heard and looked up to the sky and said,.... God...your here with me, an old drunkard man like myself, your here with me, and I heard the voice of God say to this man so gently in the spirit as I was listening, the Lord said....Yes...IAM with you,
I was with you all the time, listening, listening to your every word....And
the man said really! really! Lord,...Wow!....Wow!.  For this man never thought or conceived in his mind or even came across his mind that the Lord would be so near and dear to listen to him like that, yet alone come that close to him because he smelled so bad,....but the Lord listen and heard him and answered him. 

This man afterwards reached out his hands towards Heaven and asked
  the Lord to help him, make him clean, wash me Lord, I am so dirty, is what I heard the man say in the spirit, wash me Lord, I am so dirty. He  cried bowed down on bended knees. That day in board day light, the light of God shined on that man and came into his heart .

His face was dripping with water as though water was poured like drops and at the same time the alcohol was drenched out of his system(body).

It was like his coat, clothes were drenched in alcohol. The angel of the Lord came to him with pants, shirt and shoes. Lead him to a shelter to shower and change and eat a nice Thanksgiving Dinner. I heard the Lord say, because  this was a day of Thanksgiving(meaning God gave thanks and life, giving to this man who ask, HIM and thanked HIM for listening and who the Lord HIMSELF, had answered his prayer.

God is a giving God. A loving God,

A life centered God, who will put you in the right standing with the Father, so that all who want to come and are welcome, very welcome to join in and receive that right hand of fellowship with the Lord and HIS hand. God hands will bless you, save you and keep you as you fellowship with HIM..... HE will fellowship with you.

....And I heard  the Father and I..Jesus will fellowship with you and all will be one, because the Father and I are in you, with you and for you. WE ARE ONE IN CHRIST JESUS.                         

The Lord  brought you with a price. HE died on the cross for you,
so that you will have life and have it more abundantly. God is truly AWESOME!


God bless you people of God, God bless you and that is the word from the Lord.

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