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I saw a Lion Strong Mighty and ready for war. The heavens are raging for warfare,....the powers of God have already been ready and well prepared for this day. People of God I heard the Lord say, I know your hearts, I know your hearts and IAM READY AND BEEN READY FOR THIS WARFARE THAT IS HAPPENING AND GOING AROUND YOU, IAM! READY! AND BEEN READY!My heart is with you and always have been and My Love for you is not forgotten people of God, My Love for you is not forgotten. I your Lord God AM Here! and always have been, I NEVER LEFT YOU, FORSAKEN YOU NOR HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU, I HAVEN'T. I have just been going about doing MY Father Gods business for you and to push you and prune you into the right places in ME.

Get Ready for spiritual warfare is at hand and will continue to be
There is a time and a place for everything but nothing, 
no nothing is new under the sun that I don't know about, NOTHING!.

I do have some plans for you though in this time and season. I want you to take up your battle shields and fight, fight, fight, fight, like never before in ME...FIGHT!( with the word,and faith.)

You have heard and seen people, places and things going on in and around ME in spirit for those that which can see and in the natural that are things that are taking place around you as well. People coming and people going, people moving, and people pondering, people handling and people not handling the things of God. Some take for granited that which I have blessed them with and some are forever given ME all the glory and honor and all the praise for the things that I have done for them in their lives.

IAM about to change somethings for you people of God, I will be coming
in a way you didn't expect ME too. I will be coming to you by way of the Father that you even won't be able to explain, you won't even be able
to explain it. I will surprise some of you with unexplainable things of God that will take you out of your seat and leave you in awe. Its going to be
like that, OH! yeah! it's going to be like that. I can see some of you going to be laughing and doing a whole lot of laughing for your sake, because some of you if not all of you need this change and need to laugh.  I heard the Lord say sickness will be laughed away, crying will bring and shade tears of Joy, Happiness and Forgiveness of heart shall be happening and going on around you. So! Much! Needed! I heard the Lord God say, So much needed.

Some of you will remember the days of old when you were laughing 
some where along the way and you forgot of how good it was and is to laugh, some of you will do that, some of you will. I further heard the voice of the Lord say. FORGIVE, FORGIVE, PRESSED DOWN SHAKEN TOGETHER AND RUNNING OVER, FORGIVE, SHALL YOU FORGIVE. 

Good Measure Pressed Down Shaken Together And Running Over Shall 
You And Must Forgive. FORGIVE... FOR I CAN SEE THAT THIS IS ON THE LORD'S HEART....FORGIVENESS...and it is a powerful thing to FORGIVE, I heard the Lord God say it is a powerful thing to FORGIVE.  I heard as well... give and it shall be given unto you good measure, pressed down and shaken together will men give unto your bosom...good measure and so shall it be and so shall it be.

Well people of God I heard the Lord say, Your Father God has spoken, don't be weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap what you have sown into the kingdom of God and unto other peoples lives, Good Measure, Pressed Down And Shaken Together And Running Over, Shall Men Give Back Unto You.

God Bless you people of God and to all who will hear..and that is the word from the Lord.

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