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I see the letter X from the heavens, it came out but it was placed their as a shield. I heard these words....SHIELD OF FAITH, SHIELD OF FAITH. Use your words of faith as your shield of faith. God has a shield of faith for each and every one of us and takes pleasure of you using it to stand against the wiles of your enemies or enemy for that matter.

Use your shield of faith faithfully, strongly standing on the word of God and on the word of God that HE has given you, STAND ON IT FAITHFULLY.

God made you/all of us promises over two thousand years ago, that HE would remain faithful and true to HIS word. HE made a promise and HE keeps HIS promises, all of them. HE keeps them to you, you, you, and you, HE will keep them. HIS word stands clear and rings true. 2 Timothy13...If we believe not,yet HE stays faithful: HE can not deny himself.

                        I see that the enemy tries to throw things down to you from your past getting mad at you, saying remember this, remember that, because he sees that you're making a move to move on from what's behind you....
(Philippians 4:8New International Version (NIV)
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.)

...and pressing on towards the mark of the high calling of God of whats ahead of you.

(I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus...Philippians 3:14)

I see the enemy throwing trash at you of any and every kind. The Lord is showing me this Bum with a coat on, it was like he had left his liquor bottle  and his faith and face changing.

I saw him smile and at the same time I could hear the enemy say out of the mist, don't you remember what you had, get your bottle, go pick it up,...but the Bum face changed and he remembered what the voice of the Lord had told him,
I AM hear with you, my brothern, I AM hear with you. A new change, A new beginning
for you. You are changed and he turned and took the Father God hand to walk with HIM. Teach him, show him the greater things in God that he wanted him to see.....and he saw them and his eyes were open to the newness of God. Old things shall pass away, Behold all things shall become new.


I saw the Lord show this man as HE was moving mountains out of the way. How HE made/making plansto move things out of the way for roads to be clear so traffic
flows freely and peoples life's

and also stop signs, so some can come to a complete stop
so that they will not get hurt, as other traffic is going by, then they will proceed driving safely.

I heard the Lord say that all things must come to an end and that
good things come to those who wait upon the Lord. Like renewing
of strength, timebecause of pressures of the world weighing people down, so strength must be renewed....and I heard that the Lord gives us more time, like granting us time, by the graces of the Lord giving us more time to do things for HIS kingdom work.

I heard God time is not our time      BUT...HE is giving us time by the grace of God and  for HIS goodness, loving kindness and for HIS tender mercies.

              God Got Perfect Timing......God got your time.

                          Work Load------------------Timing
                        Over Load--------------------Timing
          U-Haul for moving--------------------Timing
I heard over head------------------------------Timing
 Pressure cooking- meaning being pressured into things, pushed, or pushed around, thrown in a corner or pushed in the corner because you will not bend to your co-worker or bosses ways or even friends ways who call  you their friends. God got their-----------------Timing

And I heard this again....ALL THINGS MUST CHANGE NOTHING REMAINS THE SAME.                         

              And I am reminded of this scripture as well


                                             God got perfect timing, and I heard the Lord say as well that.....SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET THEIR CAR..RIGHT ON TIME, HA,HA, HA, HA,HA, HA, HA,....THANK YOU LORD PRAISE! GOD!

                                                    Signed On Time God



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