God's Eye's Prophetic Ministries -
Hearts, Hearts beating, I see the older people in the hospital standing behind a white screen putting on/or with cloth hospital robes.
I am looking at an elder man around 78 years of age coming out from around the curtain waiting to be examined by the doctor. A check up taking place, making sure everything is in it's proper order.
People all over and around the world need check up's, because I heard the Father God say I AM the Doctor who is checking you up. I AM the one who is examining you and checking on you to make sure that everything is in it's proper order.
So don't be afraid when I call you into my examining room to check out things with you and talk with you about your health or your health plans of what you are going to do about the part of the things that I ordered you to do to stay healthy and keep things in order or in it's proper place.
I have a part and you have a part too and I know ALL YOUR PARTS....I know ALL..your parts.
This has been an emergency broadcast system, if this had actually been an emergency you would have been instructed as to what to do and where to go....
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