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I received a prophetic word on time and I needed this word of encouragement. I was going through somethings on my job from this ministry and Wow! It was right and I was at my end and was about
to quit and the word of the Lord come straight at me and lifted my spirit. I thank God for Minister Williams, she is a true woman of God.
                                                                                      Ms. L. Solomon
                                                                                      Baltimore, MD
During my break time at work I was talking to a co-worker/friend about somethings I was going through. She told me about Minister Williams and to call and that she would pray for me. I am so glad I did because the Lord just spoke through this woman of God and bless my soul. I went home lifted up and encouraged. Jesus! is Awesome!
                                                                                            Ms. Marilyn
Minister Williams has been a blessing sharing the word the Lord has put upon her heart to give me. She gave words of encouragement as well as things that will come to be. Some have changed my life already and placed me in a position to stand firm in the Lord.
                                                                                             Mrs. Jackson
                                                                                             Gary, Indiana
Minister Wendy , you've been a true blessing from God, thank you for allowing God to use you and speak through you when I needed it the most, I've been going through a stuff time since my mother died back in March , It's been a time of loneliness , and grief , but the lord has shown him self mighty even in this time, letting me know that he is still love and he has not forgotten me. So thank you Minister Wendy for hearing and delivering the word  , I pray that your ministry will be blessed and produce much fruit.
                                                                               Erica Smith a.k.a Parvin
                                                                                     London , England
My Testimony:
I received a word from Prophetess Wendy and I was truly blessed by it.  The words of encouragement uplifted me and many of the words shared were words of confirmation.  I truly appreciate the time and dedication given by Prophetess Wendy, to bless my life with a word from the Lord.
May God Continually Shine On You!
                                                                                  Evangelist Mayes
                                                                                  Indianapolis, IN    
Good Morning Minister Wendy,
I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to send this email of confirmation concerning this prophetic word that Lord has shared with me.
This was such an accurate and right on word.  Yes I have waited many many years for God to intervene in my life concerning ministry and marriage.  I was at a point where nothing mattered except that I was in HIS perfect will.  This issue has been layed down so many time and yet have never really lost faith in HIM.
God has actually connected me with someone whom I have met on Godspeak.  Now, it was my focus not to make any effort to meet someone, but to allow God to have complete control of my life. He is as you have described in that prophetic word.
Its true what the word says, Eph 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,  This is so true!!  God's heart towards us is always love.  It is important to realize that God's plans and purposes are not just to fulfill needs we have, but to further HIS Kingdom. 
Anyway, thanks so much for such a profound and awesome word. 
I will keep in touch and let you know how things continue but mostly How much I adore and love my God for who HE is!!
Bless you Minister Wendy ,
May the Lord lead and guide you into all truth, In Jesus Name
                                      Ms. Katherine Ferguson
                                         Lincoln Nebraska
I have been so blessed by Prophetess Wendy's ministry.
She is indeed a mighty women of God who is able to encourage others with the word of the Lord. God has used her to speak a timely word in my life at some of my darkest hours, she has spoken ''life'' and faith into my situation.
I have seen God move in my life in supernatural ways after sowing seed  in her ministry as it is good ground. I  was recently blessed with a job after being out of work for over a year.
God has truly proven himself to be everything that I need in this season. Thank you Prophetess Wendy, for your labor of love as you seek God's heart for his people. Blessing!!
                                                        Lakesha Crawford
Last week I was telling about a situation with doctors and how my test results came back positive.
I needed to take another test....You said everything would be fine and that they would not find anything, well I am back from the doctor's office and no trace of cancer. God is good.
                                                        K. Fortune
                                                    Baltimore, MD 
Woman of God, you are jewel in the Kingdom.
Thank you for you obedience. The Lord is surely going to increase you and your ministry. As you engage the throne, remember to call out my name and cover me in His blood.
                                                                     Elder Kiplon
                                                                       Lithonia, GA   
Prophetess Wendy,
This is truly an accurate word from the Lord. Africa is truly calling me. I have had 3 invitations from apostles to come to Kenya within a week. They will host me. I have also had an invitation come and minister from a Bishop in Lagos, Nigeria. All of these men are great men of God doing a mighty work in their region. The Lord told me that He would send me to a people that is hungry for Him.
 May God continue to use you to be a mouth piece for Him. You are a true apostolic prophetic voice to this generation. The Lord has allowed you to tap into His mind and I pray that He continue to reveal those deep things. May you forever walk in true humility! May the blessings of the Lord continue to overtake You!
Kingdom Blessings
                                             Apostle Connie Strickland
                                                     Little Rock, AR  
 I thank God for this ministry!! Minister Wendy really blessed me and is a true spokeswoman from God.

I called Minister Wendy and without hesitation, she began to pray and encourage me in the Lord. I had been feeling a spirit of depression and oppression for several weeks, but was comforted by the word of God: No weapon formed against me shall prosper and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!!!

After speaking to Minister Wendy and after allowing God to speak to me through her, I felt a mighty release of pressure almost instantly.

Thank you Minister Wendy for allowing God to use you and give to me a right now word to encourage and comfort me. I pray strength and many, many blessings upon you as you continue to labor in love!!

Tamara K.

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