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 I see tree blowing in the winds, tall trees
the wind. Though storms and strong winds blow the trees strong withstanding the blows of the wind.
I I hear the Abundance Of Rain, The Abundance Of Rain my children is-a- coming, the abundance of rain is-a-coming.
Listen, Oh! the abundance of rain is- a-coming.
Have you many stories about the Abundance of Rain?...Well then, let ME(GOD) tell you my story about the
Abundance Of Rain.
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Bring the rain
Inspirational pictures set to MercyMe's "Bring the rain", from the CD, Coming up to breathe.
                                       The Abundance Of Rain
As I see the Lord God robe and HE is walking, HIS robe is drench in water and dripping as HE is walking. As HE is coming towards you I heard HIM say I carried all your blessings this way on ME and though it was heavy,
I carried them anyway because I want to wrap you in my love and in my,
Waters Of Covenant(My spirit filled promises of life and living that I promised you.) You see you have gained access to them when you excepted me as Lord and your life that's when you gained proper access to ME(GOD). I told you along time ago that you would be
rewarded for the things that you have done for ME(GOD) for my glory and I wanted to see that you get it.
You thought I didn't you? You thought I forgot about my promises.
The abundance of rain holds many resources for you.
1. you a proper access to ME (GOD) when you excepted ME(GOD) as Lord and Savior 
2. Power to declare and degree a thing that which you have need of.
3. Exclusive rights to the tree of life (MY word) with supernatural, being put on your natural to bring out major your life.
4.Mind enlightenment of the things of God to share the deeper things to put you in the state of mind that you should be and learn ME(GOD).
5. Love resources to keep your heart in check(spiritual)
6. Healing activations to win souls and minds and bodies to the Lord Jesus Christ.
that pushes you and per-pail you into the
and which also brings about extra bonuses just for your
obedience of waiting and allowing ME(GOD) to prune you and develop
you for your walk in ME(GOD) though you tarry for a time in seasons.   
All these things that I spoke of about changes
Abundance Of Rain in your lives.
The Abundance Of Rain - resources for you a proper access to ME ( to declare and degree to the tree of life (MY enlightenment,
Love resources( activations and Divine favor.
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