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I can see this woman walking. Walking down this/her lonely road in life. Her life is so filled with doom and gloom and she says to herself, Oh! if only I can make it, If only I can make it along in this life. If only I could help somebody as I am helping myself. If only I can, If only I can.
As I begin to see and hear the voices of God ringing out to her in her so-called- slumber, I heard the voice of the Lord say,....Woman!...Oh! Woman! Oh! Woman! Oh! Woman of God, you can make it. You can make it out of this sleeplessness of slumbering in your life, that you think that you can't make it in. You can make it, I heard the Lord Thy God, tell her...this woman of God, you can make it.(You see God saw this woman as for who she is in HIM, not who she believes or see in herself as nothing.) God sees her as for who she is in HIM, SOMEBODY! SPECIAL.
Praise the Lord, Praise God, for seeing YOU AS YOU ARE IN HIM.  Think not of yourself as being ugly or just and ugly duckling, (meaning nothing that nobody wants) because God wants YOU!
He made you for a perfect and perfectionist reason as I heard HIM say in the spirit. I made you this way. I made you to be a perfect and more better creature(Being) and it was and is because of ME, I brought you into being.
I want you men, woman, boys and girls to be better and more better in every area of your lives, more better. Speaking peace to your every situations, bringing peace through out your lives in through your lands,(meaning places of division, strife and things that is contrary to God. I want and will speak peace over these things, I will.
A lot of things are happening people of God all around you, Haven't you noticed?...Haven't you noticed that the peace of God is resting, forming, taking place into people lives as they begin to trust ME. Have you noticed that?....Haven't you?/ or Have you noticed that?
Have you noticed that people are..... some of you are thinking twice now about things before they say them? Have you noticed that? Have you?....Have you noticed that IAM, now speaking in the clubs where some of you would dare not to enter,...Haven't you noticed that? Have you?
Have you noticed that now, IAM the Lord Thy God to some of you( meaning those of you who have or coming to, having to know ME, Haven't you noticed that IAM now and starting to speak through men, woman, boys and girls through their voices and them saying things about ME(GOD) that they would not normally say....Have you?  Have you noticed that lately people of God and to those who will hear, Haven't you?
Have you noticed, that people of God or just people, everywhere, have you noticed that they are now saying and some are about to say that.....JESUS IS REALLY LORD!...Haven't you?
OH! My People, OH! My People, Have you, Oh! have you even noticed ME(GOD) or of ME, your Lord Thy God who watches, and protects over thee and provides for thee and makes favor for and through thee for other people to see, not just you/..BUT ME!...Haven't you or Have you noticed that of ME, Haven't you?
People of God, My People of God, Jews, Gentiles, whatever you may be/or planed to be, I want you to know that ......I!....I!...I!...I! THE LORD THEY GOD, WATCHES OVER THEE.
I planted you as a seed in my heart along, long, long, long, long, oh! long, such a long time ago. It's just that you forgot, some of you forgot, you forgot about ME(GOD)....BUT! THAT'S ALRIGHT, THAT'S ALRIGHT BY ME,,,,,BUT! I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT, I!....I!, I!...I!..HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU, NOT TAT-ALL ,NOT TAT-ALL.
I your Lord Thy God to some of you and all of you, I  have not forgotten about you. Think about that....check yourself for a minute and think about that. Think about how I feed you and put up with you why your old man walked out on you and you thought all hope was gone. Think about when the time came and how  you had no money, and I mean NO! MONEY to pay bills, or buy food, or clothes for yourself or your children. Think about how I blessed you in many different ways, think about it. Think about how you were left all alone and Mama or Daddy didn't want you around or even want you for that matter and...I(GOD) I MADE a way to provide for you and had people to take care of you and yeah,yeah, yeah, some of you were abused in so many different ways and people and men or women or boys or girls would just play on your mental minds and mentally abuse you or using you, to just be a play thing to toy with or use for ungodliness municiple purposes.
OH! My God, OH! My God, I can see some of you/all of you saying....MY  God, Why this? Why that?...Oh! God!...why! why! why! why!......Good Question, Perfect Answers.
IT is because harsh as it may seem, it is because I want you, them, to come to know ME As ME. I want them to see themselves as to look or looking through the eyes of God so that they can see their sin, recognize their faults, confess their sins, and except their wrong doing...BUT! COME unto repentance through knowing ME(GOD)...Make sense huh, doesn't that make sense to come to know ME the Lord Thy God in spite of it all. The mess, the cludder, the junk, the  awfulness and rudeness of all the nasty and lustful sin, that they can come to know ME(As I CLEAN THEM UP AND TURN THEM AROUND AND CHANGE THEIR MINDSETS, AND RUDENESS AND BRING THEM TO A PLACE OF PEACE IN ME.
Now Isn't that wonderful, Isn't it?...You see, for you see that IAM (GOD) A GOOD GOD, A MERCIFUL GOD AN ALL KNOWING GOD, IAM, IAM.
Now Go, Now Go My friends, Go My friends, Read about ME,...more and more, and more, and be at peace (along with ME(GOD) As you allow yourselves to get to know ME and partake of ME(In My Word and In My Presence being in my presence, meaning spending time,more time and more time and some of the time as to getting to know ME) Now Go, Go, Go, Go, Go my friends in peace.
God Bless You People Of God, the Lord says God Blesses and Bless You....GO!
              Signed The Voice Of God  
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